The Only Door Painting System That Lets You Paint Cabinets, Regular Door Shutters, Windows, Shelves & More!
Door Rack
Speed up your production by 50%
Paint Both Door Sides At The Same Time & Store Them Weth On Both Sides I Oure Unique Dry Rack
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Door Rack Painter
Patent Number 8066267
Several months ago, I purchased some of Jake’s spray & dry racks. I liked them so much, that I realized I needed to buy 3 more dry racks in order to run my business more smoothly. They have been a lifesaver for me in that I am now able to paint cabinet doors and regular doors twice as fast as before and still maintain the highest quality finish. I am certain that this door painting system is well worth what I paid for it, ten times over, and am excited to continue using this system. I can now be more efficient and more accurate in my work, while saving money at the same time.  The only reservation I have writing this recommendation, is that I don't want my competition to know about this Door Painting System.

Thanks Jake so much for developing the Door Rack Painter.

Brian Phillips
Kamaaina Pro Painters
Honolulu, Hawaii
"Jake I think of your company every time I use your door rack system.
What a great invention for painting cabinet doors."

Wheatridge Painting Company
Arvada, CO
"Worth every Penny if you are a painting contractor looking for factory finish results. Super time saver, space saver. Doors finish like glass because you can spray them flat. A must have for serious painting contractors."

Braintree Massachusetts
Pro Painting Corp.

"I bought the door rack painter and found that it went beyond my expectations as far as its ability to cut the time in more than half on the cabinet job I was involved in.  I wish I would have known about this long ago. The door rack painter is a painter’s best friend and is a tool that should be in every serious painting contractor’s bag of tricks. I give door rack painter my highest recommendation; it’s an excellent product.  Customer service was also impeccable. From the day I ordered the product, it arrived exactly when I was told, in perfect condition and ready to go."

West Linn OR 
Signature Painting
I have been painting for 43 years and have my own painting business for over thirty years.

Trying to paint doors by standing them up and spraying one side one day & the other side the following day is tricky and messy.

The storage problem further complicates the whole process.

This experience led me to design this one of a kind Door Rack Painting System that paints both sides effortlessly, as well as
storing them in our unique Drying Rack.

The premise is to have an easy, clean, space effective unit without wasting valuable time setting up the device.
--Jake Schaerer, Inventor
The only Stands to Paint doors. Works perfectly to stand cabinets while painting. Paint doors on both sides. Door Painting holder, paint both sides.