Several months ago, I purchased some of Jake’s spray & dry racks. I liked them so much, that I realized I needed to buy 3 more dry racks in order to run my business more smoothly. They have been a lifesaver for me in that I am now able to paint cabinet doors and regular doors twice as fast as before and still maintain the highest quality finish. I am certain that this door painting system is well worth what I paid for it, ten times over, and am excited to continue using this system. I can now be more efficient and more accurate in my work, while saving money at the same time.  The only reservation I have writing this recommendation, is that I don't want my competition to know about this Door Painting System.

Thanks Jake so much for developing the Door Rack Painter.

Brian Phillips
Kamaaina Pro Painters
Honolulu, Hawaii
I love the Door Rack Painting system. The spray and dry racks are well built and sturdy. In fact, the spray rack can easily handle prep work on shelves and cabinet doors as well as brush work. I will be able to tackle large cabinet jobs now with ease, and, more importantly, I won't need as much space. It's amazing how small of a footprint you need to use this system. It's also much easier on the back than spraying doors on the floor. I've already purchased a second dry rack for larger projects and long trim boards. This will pay for itself over and over again.
Side note: the carpenter that's on the same project with me came in and said, "Wow, that is an awesome dry rack." I thought you'd enjoy that.

Adam Wagner
Wagner Painting Solutions, LLC. Milwaukee, WI
The door rack painter has changed my business.  I hesitate to give a good review because I don't want my competition to know about it!!  It gives me a huge edge on my competition.  You would have to be a prideful idiot to not recognize that this is better than whatever you are doing to paint doors. 

(Andrew just ordered three more dry racks)

Andrew Allen
Allen Brothers Painting
Centerville, Utah Cell: 8019160866
"How can I repost my review of your racks?  I simply love them and I now that I have a bit of experience I would like very much to pass on and be more detailed.  For instance, I'm doing a job with 101 cabinet doors and drawer faces and I was able by myself to prime them in 1 & 1/2 days.  I applied the first coat of enamel to all of them in 6 hrs by myself. The preparation time: sanding, cleaning, and caulking is the same but the spraying time is unbelievable.  The finish that I'm getting is superb and I don't have any question that the customer is going to be absolutely thrilled.  Thank you again for making these spray & drying racks available! The door racks are time saving peaces of equipment. I believe any serious painting firm absolutely needs to order in order to get more profit from cabinet painting. I started with one spray station and two racks and can already see that an extra rack would be quite useful."

Victor Saitta/Painting by Victor
Wichita, Kansas
Hey Jake,

Want to send you a personal thank you for the great service as always. Your knowledge in this industry is remarkable and has helped me revolutionize my spraying division.

The racks are extremely well made and really increase my bottom line by 50% at the minimum. We absolutely love them.

Thanks again! And we will contact you again when we expand our division even larger.

Todd Lacroix | PRESIDENT
Platinum Pro Painters Inc. 
About 4 months ago we purchased the Door Rack Painter system in an effort to more efficiently complete cabinet painting jobs.  We have now used the racks on numerous jobs and couldn't be happier with the results.  They are compact, easy to transport, and require very little space in the customers home.  I'd highly recommend them!

Sarah Ross
Owner, Fresh Coat #91261
Painting contractor
Granite Shoals TX 78654
C: 512-787-2379
O: 830-613-3539
Hi Jake,
We bought a couple of your cabinet rack systems last year and they have worked great for us.  We do allot of cabinet painting and these things save us space while allowing us to finish both sides of our doors without having to wait for one side to dry.

We liked them so much we just bought another set!

Thank you,
Tim Perryman
Perryman Painting & Remodeling
Cell 916.417.0673
Main office 916.774.6416

23 years in business |  A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau over 18 years
Voted Best Painting Contractor ~
2012, 2013 & 2014 ~ Roseville & Granite Bay
2014 ~ Rocklin
2014 & 2015 ~ Folsom & El Dorado Hills

Hi Jake ,

Wow this drying rack system has changed the whole way my business will operate . Being able to turn over work faster is what helps growth and it can now be done with the door rack painter . To do in and out of a cabinet door has never been easier and the technique is very easy to learn .
This product is gold and totally worth. The investment ..

Just like new kitchen resurfacing

"As the race to refinish old cabinets in our area has fueled our business, we found ourselves struggling within the limited space of our spray shop. We finally sought out something different and came across Door Rack Painter. The door rack painter system not only uses a small fraction of the area we were previously taking up, but we no longer deal with the headache of repainting surfaces due to sticking and transference. Additionally, we are able to spray both sides of our cabinets in a very short window of time. As we have continued to increase in volume we have added more racks to our shop and can now neatly and easily accommodate the finishing of 4 or more kitchens at one time in our small warehouse"

Kristopher Kent
Kent Painting & Finishing Inc.

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Fax (925)446-6531

The only door painting system that lets you paint cabinets, regular door shutters, windows, shelves & more!
Door Rack
Speed up your production by 50%
Paint both door sides at the same time & store them wet on both sides with our unique dry rack
Call for more info toll free 
877- 331- RACK (7225)
Door Rack Painter
Patent Number 8066267
• I have been painting for 43 years and have my own painting business for over thirty years

• Trying to paint doors by standing them up and spraying one side one day & the other side the following day is tricky and messy

• The storage problem further complicates the whole process

• This experience led me to design this one of a kind Door Rack Painting System that paints both sides effortlessly, as well as
storing them in our unique Drying Rack

• The premise is to have an easy, clean, space effective unit without wasting valuable time setting up the device
--Jake Schaerer, Inventor
The way it works:
The edges of the door are placed on the bent rods, resulting in minimum contact & thefore allows one to paint both sides at the same time

How is it possible to leave no marks
Click here
Door Rack Painter
Other systems
Spray Rack
Capable of spraying both sides at the same
Most other systems only
have storage racks
Paint both sides of
cabinet doors and
regular doors
Painting both sides speeds production by
Most systems can only
paint one side of the
Paints doors
Spraying and storing up to 18 cabinet doors
or 9 regular doors horizontally secures a
professional finish
Some use vertical
storage which causes
Stain cabinet doors
and regular doors on
both sides
There is no contact with freshly stained
Placing freshly stained
cabinet doors on top of
rods will leave marks
Storing long rods,
sidings, baseboards,
crown moldings as
long as 30 feet
Our system is versatile and can
accomodate variable lenghts to dry
Most other door storage
systems don't have that
extra capability
Easy to move around
Easy to use
Bulky and not practical
Less expensive than
other systems
All in one system, cabinet, regular doors
and long boards shelving system, it
becomes the least expensive door painting
Extra systems have to
be purchased
10 years parts replacement warranty
Why choose the one-in-all Door Rack Painter over other systems

The racks are very strong, light and mobile; easy to use