Paint Both Sides At The Same Time & You Speed Up Production By 50%
(Cabinet Doors & Regular Doors)
This Door Painting Painting system can quickly pay for itself on your first project.
In addition, the DOOR RACK PAINTER can be used just as easily for shutters, windows & shelves
Doors are wet on both sides
Rack adjusts to different sized doors
(Maximum weight per door 35 pounds)
Patent Number 8066267
Patent Number 8066267
Photo of 36 cabinet doors in two dry racks stored wet
on both sides.
Adjusted to different sized doors
Patent Number 8066267
To Create The Above STORAGE DEVICE (1)                
You will need to order two sets of 36 rods each for a total of 72  Rods.
This dry rack shelving system is designed to store wet baseboards, crown molding and/or long boards.
You will need to order on set of 36 aluminum Rods.
The above racks can also be converted into the storage devices on the left & right below by purchasing 36 or 72 rods.
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Spray & Dry Storage Racks
New square tube metal frame
with two strong brackets
screwed together
Photo of 18-cabinet-door dry storage rack
or 9-regular-door dry storage rack
Patent Number 8066267
Cabinet Door Grip Holders

Transport cabinet doors wet on both sides
from the spray rack to dry storage rack

Two sets Included in every
spray rack order
Scroll down or click on the reviews link above and read the recommendations from our very satisfied costumers
Scroll Down For Many More Reviews

Several months ago, I purchased some of Jake’s spray & dry racks. I liked them so much, that I realized I
needed to buy 3 more dry racks in order to run my business more smoothly. They have been a lifesaver
for me in that I am now able to paint cabinet doors and regular doors twice as fast as before and still
maintain the highest quality finish. I am certain that this door painting system is well worth what I paid for
it, ten times over, and am excited to continue using this system. I can now be more efficient and more
accurate in my work, while saving money at the same time.  The only reservation I have writing this
recommendation, is that I don't want my competition to know about this Door Painting System.
Thanks Jake so much for developing the Door Rack Painter.
Brian Phillips
Kamaaina Pro Painters

Hi Jake!
"We just wanted to thank you for your great invention of the Door Rack Painter System and let you know
how it's changed our painting business!  We are a small, boutique painting and refinishing company and
specialize in custom projects for homeowners.

We searched and searched online and elsewhere for a way to help us more efficiently paint cabinet doors
and drawers and store them while they dried and cured for our customers.  Your Door Rack System was
the only one we found that seemed to have everything we were looking for.

We had a great experience with you and your company from the start of the ordering process to the
personal help in how to put together our first rack.  Once we began to use the Door Rack Painter system,
we realized just how unique and easy to use it is, and HOW MUCH TIME IT WILL SAVE US!!!!

We finished our first set of cabinets so fast that we realized we had to have a second drying rack!  Our
customer was amazed at the quality of the finish and said their cabinets were like brand new and had a
factory finish look!! Not a mark on them from leaning on a rack to dry.

Both racks are even small enough to pack in the van and take with us for spraying or just drying.  In fact
we have a project to repaint 35 doors and we are taking them onside.

Thanks for your personal attention to every detail of our needs.  Thanks for the advice and instruction.  
We feel like you are more of a friend than a retailer.
We would recommend your system to any painters who spray paint doors and/or cabinets or other
furniture.  There is nothing like it anywhere."
Art & Rosanne
A R C Painting & Refinishing, LLC
New Jersey
Affordable; Reliable; Customer-Focused
Art & Rosanne Courtien
"We Keep Promises"
Toll Free: 855-ARC-7700
Fax: 908 364-4077
Cell: 908-436-7857
Fully insured - NJ Reg #13VH06885200
Member PDCA

Hi Jake,
I wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we are with the Door Rack Painter system. It has made
painting cabinet doors much easier and saves a lot of time. We used to spray our doors the old way, one
side at a time, let dry, turn over and spray the other side. This took a lot of time and space. Our cabinet
painting service started to grow and I needed a faster, more efficient way to approach the painting. I
started looking online one night and found your system. I was sold right away! After using it a few times
and getting used to it, it has cut the painting time back a good bit and takes up much less space in our
shop. I can definitely say that it has been one of the best investments that I have made for my business.
The system will pay for itself with just a couple of jobs and after that its all extra profit in your pocket! I
would definitely recommend this system to anyone that paints cabinets.
De Leon Painting Services
Frederick, MD.

"We purchased the Door Rack Painter system in an effort to more efficiently complete cabinet painting
jobs.  We couldn't be happier with the results.  They are compact, easy to transport, and require very little
space in the customers home.  I'd highly recommend them!"
Sarah Ross
Owner, Fresh Coat #91261
Painting Contractor
C: 512-787-2379
O: 830-613-3539

"The door rack painter has changed my business.  I hesitate to give a good review because I don't want
my competition to know about it!!  It gives me a huge edge on my competition.  You would have to be a
prideful idiot to not recognize that this is better than whatever you are doing to paint doors."
(Andrew just ordered three more dry racks)
Andrew Allen
Allen Brothers Painting
Centerville, Utah
Cell: 8019160866

How can I repost my review of your racks?  I simply love them and I now that I have a bit of experience I
would like very much to pass on and be more detailed.  For instance, I'm doing a job with 101 cabinet
doors and drawer faces and I was able by myself to prime them in 1 & 1/2 days.  I applied the first coat of
enamel to all of them in 6 hrs by myself. The preparation time: sanding, cleaning, and caulking is the same
but the spraying time is unbelievable.  The finish that I'm getting is superb and I don't have any question
that the customer is going to be absolutely thrilled.  Thank you again for making these spray & drying
racks available! The door racks are time saving peaces of equipment. I believe any serious painting firm
absolutely needs to order in order to get more profit from cabinet painting. I started with one spray station
and two racks and can already see that an extra rack would be quite useful."
Victor Saitta/Painting by Victor

"We are very happy with our purchase from Door Rack Painters. Our facility doesn't have enough space
to accommodate a lot of cabinets and your spray stand and drying shelves have been a life/space saver.
When we are able to spray on site we look professional and our clients appreciate that we can work in a
small space without inconveniencing then. Our efficiency has increased and you know what that means to
our bottom line!
Thank you for your product and more importantly, your follow up calls to notify us that the product is
shipping, to see if we had questions after the product arrived and again your call today to see how they
system was working for us. Your offer to walk us through the process of transferring a door to the drying
rack was much appreciated.
The client experience from Door Rack Hangers has been exceptional and I appreciate how you operate
your business."
Leslie Biagini Salazar, CFO

"If you want to spray doors and cabinets like a pro, these painting racks are essential. After getting my
first set of spray and drying racks I quickly realized that there would be no more leaning doors against
walls and spraying one side at a time, and no more week long cabinet spraying projects. It was quite a
The first time we brought on our painting racks to a custom home build, they were drawing attention and
everyone wanted to see how it worked. Once we started spraying the detailed doors, it was a matter of
minutes until we had our doors sprayed and drying on the racks.
It's great how you can quickly turn any room into a spray room, because these racks hold every door or
cabinet neatly one over another.
I'm glad I stumbled across this great painting tool, it helps our company provide the quality work we
require to put us ahead of our competitors."
Olivier Durand
Living Colour Painters
Hamilton, Ontario

"What can I say, except "I can't believe we ever lived without your "Door Rack Painting System"! We
purchased the 1 Spray Rack and 1 Drying Rack just last week and I'm already placing another order for
another Drying Rack. It truly is everything you represented it to be. The Door Rack Painting System has
paid for itself in it's first job. My Painters thank you, My Clients thank you and we THANK YOU. We look
forward to using your system on our job sites and expanding into more product in the very near future."
One Way Paint
El Segundo CA

"Jake I think of your company every time I use your door rack system. What a great invention for painting
cabinet doors."
Wheatridge Painting Company
Arvada, CO

"I'm so glad I stumbled upon Jake's great paint rack system, it can be used for painting signs just as well
as doors. Great idea Jake!"
Signs of Success
Santa Maria CA

"The racks are a great device. I use them all the time when spraying doors and cabinet doors. I really
recommend this product!
P.S I have had a discussion with a man who is an old constructor who has build many things and he was
certain that the racks would not work for large doors. But after painting his doors and showing him a
photo of his doors on the rack he was very impressed!"
All the best
Anders Norins Måleri AB

Since we purchased the rack system last year, we found ourselves using it more and more.  It is an
organized system that works in small areas, which is key for the San Francisco homes where we work.  I
highly recommend this system for any painter  -  A professional solution!
Best regards,"
Joe Wood
Owner of J Wood Painting & Restoration
San Francisco
Stroll down and see pictures from this contractor using the Door Rack Painter.

"These racks are easy to set up and great for small work spaces on job sites. We purchased 1 spray rack
and 3 dry racks. Thank You from Varney Custom Painting"
Ramona, California

"Dear Jake,
We wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for inventing one of most impressive, time saving
device perhaps, ever created in the painting industry. Your Door Rack System has cut our shop time
almost in half.
We are a high end, Palm Beach, painting contracting company in business for 29 years. Believe us when
we say we wish you had  invented your Door Rack System, as many years ago, as we are in business,
perhaps we would be retired by now!!
Your amazing product, follow through, timing, shipping and follow up, all come together like to a fine
tuned Rolls Royce. Your product and your company are truly amazing and we look forward to trading with
you for years to come.
With All Due Sincerity and With A Ton of Thanks Attached,"
John Volk
John Volk Restoration, Inc
West Palm Beach, Florida

"Hi Jake
I ordered your door rack painting system a month or so ago , and have found this to be a very good
product which has saved a lot of time painting cabinets in the field. I have just now ordered another set of
drying racks from you, which I hope will save even more production time
Thanks for producing a quality product as advertised"
Mike Clothier
Custom Home Services
Beaverton, Oregon

"Dear Jake,
Your invention of the Door Rack Painter has really helped our company in the production of our cabinet
refinishing. We are very impressed with how it works and the time savings it offers, increased profitability
to our company and ability to schedule more work in a year because of the system. We are now ordering
another set for expansion!
Thank you so much!"
Kelly S King
Kelly S. King Academy-Training Division
Tainted to Repainted-Cabinetry, Furniture and Walls Division
Omaha Painting Professionals-General Painting Division

"After seeing the Door Rack System on line I was hesitant at first and went with another shelving unit for
our cabinet refinishing projects. Recently we had a project come up that required more shelving than I had
and a time frame that was short. I decided to take a chance and purchase the Door Rack System. To my
relief the system works great. It does exactly what it says and got our project completed on time shaving
off days what it would have normally have taken. I would recommend this to any professional who is
looking to save a little time and money while maintaining a high quality finish."
Dream Stone Creations
Kansas City

"These racks are the best. I just ordered another dry rack because of the time they save me. Thanks
Procoat Painting
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Stroll down and see pictures from this contractor using the Door Rack Painter.

"Jake, The drying racks and the spray rack were everything you said they would be and more.
I believe it cut my time in half from doing it the old way, standing doors to dry all around my spraying area.
I have already told other painters in the area that they should buy the racks.
It will be faster when I buy the other set of the racks cause I only bought the one rack  set.
You're a great guy and great customer service, look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Again thank you so much for helping me with all the questions I had."
Mark Hernandez
On The Mark Painting
Hilton, NY

"Hi Jake, I try your rack in June and it does wonderful job on my cabinet doors without any mark and
other thing that it does it save a lot of room in my shop when I varnish. That's why I need another so I can
use between my coat of varnish."
York ME

"This is the best system for painting doors on the market. Have tried the boards on saw horses and paint
one side one day and the other side the next. Tried the boards with nails or screws. To much touch-up.
This system  eliminates the over-spray issue on the other side and can paint both sides in one day. We do
a lot of painted and stained cabinets and the quality of the finish is excellent due to the fact you can spray
the doors flat and no runs or sags and can get a factory looking finish in the field. We have had no touch-
up on the painted doors we just finished. I would recommend this to the serious contractor who wants to
cut production time in over half the time and increase profits. IT WORKS."
Mark Allen
Allen Painting Service
Georgetown, Tx

"Hello. My name is Stephen and I own and operate Superior Strokes Painting out of Franklin, MA. I
purchased the door rack system after watching a video on you tube. I have been painting cabinets for the
past 6 years using a variety of methods for both painting and drying them. I have to say without a doubt
that the Door Rack Painter system is by far the most cost and time efficient method I have used. The most
recent cabinet job I did I used the system for the first time and have to say it was the best cabinet painting
I have ever done thanks to your system."
Superior Strokes Painting
St. Louis Park

"I just wanted to write to tell you that our painting company purchased two racks last year for our very
busy spray shop.  We absolutely love the ease of use and the quality of this system.  It has made such a
difference in our level of time and space.  The system allows us to stack several at a time in a very small
space to work much more efficiently than before.  The cabinet door grip holders work so well in
transporting the pieces without leaving any marks on the freshly painted surfaces.  Thank you so much!
S.R. Tracy
Painting Contractor
Northeast Harbor, ME

"Thanks Jake for the amazing service and quality of your product.  After trying a few different programs
and growing ever more frustrated and the lack of production I saw your site on a painter blog. The system
arrived complete and was easy to set up. From the first door we did I could tell I had found our system for
the future. Very minimal learning curve with your product. I liked it so much I just bought some more and
would recommend each person buying it to get an extra set for production purposes to facilitate
movement. These racks and my HVLP can accomplish a lot in one day with no worry of touch up issues.”
Thanks again.
Dave Mountain,
Ti Mountain Painting Company
Tigard, Oregon

" Worth every Penny if you are a painting contractor looking for factory finish results. Super time saver,
space saver. Doors finish like glass because you can spray them flat. A must have for serious painting
Braintree Massachusetts
Pro Painting Corp.

"This is the best system for painting doors on the market. Have tried the boards on saw horses and paint
one side one day and the other side the next. Tried the boards with nails or screws. To much touchup.
This system  eliminates the over spray issue on the other side and can paint both sides in one day. We do
a lot of painted and stained cabinets and the quality of the finish is excellent due to the fact you can spray
the doors flat and no runs or sags and can get a factory looking finish in the field. We have had no touch
up on the painted doors we just finished . I would recommend this to the serious contractor who wants to
cut production time in over half the time and increase profits. IT WORKS."
Mark Allen
Allen Painting Service
Georgetown, Tx

"I'm loving my new cabinet door drying racks! Painted front and backs yesterdays first coat. Painted front
and backs today - second coat. Will glaze tomorrow and then topcoat. Now THAT'S production! Thanks
for making a great product!"
The Faux Pro
Kennett Square                                                 
Stroll down and see pictures from this contractor using the Door Rack Painter.

"I bought the rack system about two months ago and have completed 3 cabinet door jobs
since we have bought them.
Like anybody, I was a little cautious in buying and did a lot of research with the help of the videos and
I presented them to the painter in our company that mainly does our cabinet work, and he agreed to use
them with some hesitation.
When the job was completed, he was very pleased with the whole system and would highly recommend
them based on the ease of painting and the time it saves.
The system saves time, money and a lot of space is not required as before."
Jim Scanlan
Lookswell Painting,Inc.
Oak Forest IL.

"I have painted many older kitchens over the last few years and Jake's door rack painting system has
helped resolve many time consuming problems. Drying the doors after washing them used to take hours,
now takes but a few minutes on the drying rack. The ability to paint the doors both sides in one session is
amazing. Jake's system of carrying and storing the wet cupboards works extremely well. I thought it
would take a few projects to get used to but caught right on after painting just a couple of doors. The
racks are well built and very sturdy. Dust getting in the finish has always been an issue but with these
racks all the work is stored in a very small, neat space instead of all over the shop. I highly recommend
the door rack painter as it is very easy to use, has increased my production by about half and also looks
very professional to the customer"
Matt Smolders Painting                    
Stroll down and see pictures from this contractor using the Door Rack Painter.

"Just wanted to say thanks for the door rack painter, the system is very easy to assemble and very easy
to use.
I use it for spraying Kitchen Cabinet Doors and it allows me to spray 2 sides at 1 time and storage rack
holds many doors 15-18 (I think). I was doing 1 side at a time and storing doors to dry all over my
basement. It was driving my wife crazy. Thanks!"
Glenn P  
Clean-State Painting

"I came across this rack while thinking on my last cabinet job; There has to be    a  better and faster way
to paint cabinet doors. And, AH HA! I found it. The DOOR RACK PAINTER! This rack is great. It takes up
MINIMAL space on the job site, looks professional and cuts the time of job in half. Just purchased my
second drying rack to take bigger cabinet jobs. I now look forward to cabinet jobs when they come my
way. Before it was always a hassle to set up buckets and slats and wait around to allow for drying time.
If you are looking to increase speed and quality BUY THIS RACK!
The doors come out like they were sprayed in a booth.
I was hesitant at first. But now I will not take a cabinet job without using my DOOR RACK PAINTER
Martis Concepts
General Contractor
Sacramento, Ca
Stroll down and see pictures from this contractor using the Door Rack Painter.

"One week ago I purchased the door rack system. It far exceeded my expectations and so I made the
decision to purchase another dry rack so I can spray and dry additional cabinet doors. I can’t express how
pleased I am with this product. The quality and customer service associated with the product have been
exceptional. Most importantly, this product solves two major issues any painter faces while  painting
doors. I was able to paint both sides of the doors at the same time and not have a big drying storage
problem . All of this makes my job as a painter more effective and efficient.  I am very pleased with every
aspect of this product and will highly recommend the system to other painting contractors." Hugo
Casillas Painting
San Jose,

"I bought a set of spray rack and cabinet door dryer rack a couple of years ago. It paid itself in a first
couple of jobs.  I ordered a second dryer rack, it is much easier to assemble than the first one.  I'm happy
with it."

"i was somewhat skeptical when i first saw this system but i took a chance after talking to the inventor
who has apparently already tried many of the alternative methods of cabinet door finishing including
vertical hanging systems utilizing eye hooks or 35 mm hinge hole hangers which leave you with a
noticeable holes or shadow lines and horizontal spraying systems like nail boards or traditional drying
racks that only allow you to spray one side at a time. I am pleased to say that my investment paid off and
allowed me to finish an entire set of cabinet doors and drawer fronts for a large bathroom vanity project
recently in only a few hours while keeping them organized in one place. I did notice some small
indentations where the wood rested upon the aluminum rods but the average homeowner would most
likely never pay attention to such a trivial defect and part of this was due to my heavy spraying of latex
with an airless setup on the back side. i imagine that with an HVLP sprayer the marks could be diminished
even more. jake's method of flipping the door and moving the door from the spraying rack to the drying
rack worked almost perfectly and actually made the finishing process fun! prior to this i was just laying
the doors out over any available horizontal surface and it seemed to take forever finishing first one side
and then the next. even the hook on the spraying rack shows the amount of forethought put the rack's
construction and really helps so you don't have to drop the gun on the floor or rest on some temporary
shelf just waiting for it to fall off and make a mess everywhere. lastly, you can nest the door rack and
spray rack together so that they take up even less space once you're done spraying. i'm only a part-time
cabinetmaker so if you're a professional i highly encourage you to consider the door rack painter - the
saving in time alone pays you back very quickly."
Frank Shic
Walnut Creek CA
Belle Cabinets

"I bought the door rack painter and found that it went beyond my expectations as far as its ability to cut
the time in more than half on the cabinet job I was involved in.  I wish I would have known about this long
ago. The door rack painter is a painter’s best friend and is a tool that should be in every serious painting
contractor’s bag of tricks. I give door rack painter my highest recommendation; it’s an excellent product.  
Customer service was also impeccable. From the day I ordered the product, it arrived exactly when I was
told, in perfect condition and ready to go."
West Linn OR 97068
Signature Painting
Stroll down and see pictures from this contractor using the Door Rack Painter.

"I am Leo from Premier One Coating, two weeks ago I purchase several dry racks and one spray rack. I
had a house full of cabinet doors in Palm Springs.
I have to admit I was a little sceptical about this system, but after seeing the videos on YouTube I was
willing to order the system.
I was worried about marks from the paint or lacer on the doors from the aluminum racks.
It only taken me a couple of minutes after setting up the racks to realize how easy and profitable this rack
system is. Because of the racks angle, the door sits on the edge and therefore does not mark the doors.
The racks did exactly what they claim, they make it easy to paint doors on both sides and store them wet
on both sides. I been using many door painting systems over the years in business, but this one is by far
the best and only system I will use from now on."
Premier One Coating

"I have just bought a spray rack and 18 cabinet door Dry storage rack
from Door Painting System, just want to say this is the most amazing,
organized money saver and worth every Pennie system. Thanks to you Jake
I am a painter since 2002 and have not seeing anything like it."
Danbury CT

"It's a very good system to spray doors and cabinet doors. The system will save you a lot of times. No
more worry about fixing drips and runs because the doors just lay flat. I thought the system is a little
expensive at first but its well worth it after I realized the potentials." Som
Nantucket, MA

"Door Rack Painte is a great productas a painting contractor for over thirty years i think this product is cuts my paint and dry time by 1/2 with no redues..the best invention for professionals since the
Venice, CA

"Doorrackpainter is probably the most practical as you can paint both sides of a door at one visit and rack
em high with almost no contact points. Very low tech but good method. They deliver worldwide too"

"Love this system makes coating cabinet doors so much easier. Nice and compact easy to move from job
to job love it, don't know how I survived before I had them!"
John Warnock in
Murrieta, CA

"After delaying for years in getting, or making a spray and dry rack system. Continuing to spray on
sawhorses and planks.
I researched the different models available on the Internet and decided on Jake's Door Rack painter
system. I am very glad I did for number of reasons. Jake's looks simple and it is! It is easy to set up, move
around and store. It takes one time to use to implement your own way of use. To Help first time users out,
before use, tape or lacquer the ends of the aluminum rods on the drying rack holders. This will eliminate
black marks on enameled woodwork. Once again this a very simple and easy to use system. Quick set up
and take down. Would you want anything else?"
Gary McGee/ Custom Painting Inc.
The Faux Pro,
First Cabinet Job With The
Door Rack Painter System
Matt Smolders Painting
Door Rack Painter
Spray Rack & Dry Rack Used On The Job
Below are reviews from painters & cabinet makers who purchased our door painting system
The Door Rack Painter Systems is being used in
America, Canada, Australia, Middle East, South America & Europe
Martis Concepts
General Contractor
Procoat Painting
Finished Kitchen
Swiss Painting,
Cabinet Glazing & Door Painting
We been using the Door Rack Painter for more many years.
Our staff will only work with this door painting system, we use it for
cabinet doors, regular doors, shelvings, shutters & sometimes windows.
Nothing works better, faster and cleaner.
J Wood Painting &
Videos Below Shows How To Apply Paint - Lacquer - Stain & Store Doors Wet On Both Sides With Our Unique Spray & Dry Rack System
Call For More Info Toll Free
877- 331- RACK (7225)